Brynn McGarry Watson

Hi! I'm Brynn, replace the the 'y' with an 'i' then you've got it, a front end developer with 5 years of experience in making the internet my playground. I am currently a Web Developer with Annex Digital.

My web life started at the age of 10 when I played warcraft 3 with friends over the new and exciting internet. About 5 years later I built my first website in my IT class and that’s when I fell in love with everything web based. Its now just over 10 years later and I’m looking to bring my love and passion to new projects. The last 2 years I’ve been developing in Drupal, trying to push it to its limits I’ve found a new soft spot for Headless Drupal and the flexibility it provides on the frontend.

Throughout my time I’ve worked for may types of businesses, from my time at a 2 man operation at 23 Creative, then to a small team of 6 at 372 Digital. I’m currently working at an International business, Les Mills Asia Pacific as their web designer. Having worked in such a wide range of businesses I’ve done everything from teaching someone how to make a post in Wordpress to designing and developing multilingual websites.

Having worked with many different businesses I’ve collected a vast range of knowledge in CMS platforms, Frontend languages and most importantly a good understanding of how small and large business operate. I can put my hand to almost anything (as long as its indoors and doesn’t involve a hammer and nails).

Feel free to reach out at brynn[a]